Dominik MEICHTRY - Biography

General Information

last update: 4 August 2011

Name, Vorname MEICHTRY, Dominik
Spitzname (Nickname) Dom
Geburtsdatum (Date of birth) 18 Nov 1984
Geburtsort (Place of birth) St. Gallen (Switzerland)
Wohnort (Place of residence) Los Angeles, California, USA
Beruf (Occupation) Student
Grösse (Height) 183cm
Gewicht (Weight) 73kg
Heimklub (Home club) SchwimmClub Uster Wallisellen, Trojan Swim Club
Trainingsbad (Training venue) McDonald’s Olympic Swim Stadium
Trainer (Coach) Gerard Moerland, Dave Salo
Meine Disziplin (my events) 100, 200, 400 Free and 100 Fly
Karriere Höhepunkte (Career highlights) 2008 Olympic Finalist 200 Free
Sponsoren (Sponsors) Lifetrons (, Speedo (, GMCS (, magicpbk (
Supporters (Supporters) SchwimmClub Uster Wallisellen, Schwimmschule Uster, Schweizer Sporthilfe, Swiss Olympic, Swiss Swimming, Hostpoint
Familienmitglieder (Family members) Yvonne + Richard (Eltern/parents), Pascal (Bruder/brother)
Zivilstand (Marital status)

Verlobt mit Jessica Hardy
Engaged to Jessica Hardy

Karriereziel (Swimming career goal) London 2012
Persönliche Ziele (Personal ambition) Bring awareness to the sport of swimming in Switzerland
Gab es für dich während Deiner Schwimmkarriere irgendwelche Hindernisse?
(Have you encountered any obstacles during your swimming career?)
Bei Skiunfall 1999 die Hüfte gebrochen und nach Komplikationen fast ein ganzes Jahr an Krücken.
1999 broke hip while skiing and had complications, which put me on crutches for almost a whole year.
Hobbys und Interessen (Hobbies and Interests) Musik, mit Freunden zusammen sein, schlafen
Music, hanging out with friends, sleeping
Lieblingssport ausser Schwimmen (Favourite sport other than swimming) Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball
Lieblingsschwimmbad (Favourite pool) Susie O’Neil Pool, Melbourne AUS
Bevorzugte Musik (Favourite music) Relaxed Rock
Aberglaube (Superstitions) If my goggles and cap aren’t on 10min before the race... UH OH
In welchem Alter und warum hast du mit dem Schwimmsport begonnen?
(When did you start swimming and why?)
2-jährig in Westafrika, Eltern hatten Angst ich könnte in den Pool fallen und ertrinken.
With 2 in West Africa, parents were scared I’d fall in the pool and drown.
Was war dein bester Wettkampf und warum?
(What was your best swim meet ever and why?)
OS 2008; Olympic Finalist
Wie würdest du dich selber beschreiben?
(How would you describe yourself?)
Easy and relaxed
Mein Motto (Notable quote) Never stop believing




National Championships (Rank 1 – 3)
International Championships (all Results)


FINA: 14th World Championships, Shanghai (CHN)
7th 200m Freestyle (1:47.02), 22nd 400m Freestyle (3:51.32), 32rd 100m Butterfly (53.54, National Record)

Swiss Championships, Geneva (SUI)
1st 100m Freestyle (50.10), 1st 200m Freestyle (1:47.93), 1st 400m Freestyle (3:51.73), 1st 100m Butterfly (54.31), 2nd 50m Freestyle (23.34)


FINA: 10th World Short Course Championships, Dubai (UAE)
9th 200m Freestyle (1:43.29), 10th 400m Freestyle (3:41.85), 23rd 100m Freestyle (48.29)

LEN: European Championships, Budapest (HUN)
7th 200m Freestyle (1:48.05), 25th 400m Freestyle (3:57.99), 23rd 100m Butterfly (53.64, National Record)

Swiss Championships, Geneva (SUI)
1st 100m Freestyle (50.03), 1st 200m Freestyle (1:50.15), 1st 400m Freestyle (4:00.27), 1st 100m Butterfly (54.45), 1st 50m Freestyle (23.22)


Swiss Short Course Championships, Savosa (SUI)
1st 200m Freestyle (1:47.50), 1st 100m Freestyle (49.58), 2nd 400m Freestyle (3:51.71), 1st 4x50m Freestyle Relay, 1st 4x50m Medley Relay

FINA: 13th World Championships, Rome (ITA)
9th 200m Freestyle (1:46.13), 33rd 100m Freestyle (49.17), 12th 4x100m Freestyle Relay (1st swimmer: 49.02), 17th 4x200m Freestyle Relay

Swiss Championships, Zuerich (SUI)
1st 200m Freestyle (1:48.74), 1st 400m Freestyle (3:56.24), 1st 100m Fly (54.33), 2nd 100m Freestyle (49.67)


LEN: European Short Course Championships , Rijeka (CRO)
2nd 200m Freestyle (1:43.11), 10th 100m Freestyle (47.96), 27th 50m Freestyle (22.00)

XXIX Olympic Games , Beijing (CHN)
6th 200m Freestyle (1:46.95), 16th 100m Freestyle (49.58), 27th 400m Freestyle (3:50.55)

Swiss Championships, Geneve (SUI)
1st 100m Freestyle (49.01), 1st 200m Freestyle (1:47.97), 1st 50m Freestyle (22.83), 1st 400m Freestyle (3:56.09)


FINA: 12th World Championships, Melbourne (AUS)
11st 200m Freestyle (1:48.54), 13rd 100m Freestyle (49.27)

XXIV Universiade, Bangkok (THA)
6th 100m Freestyle (50.03), 10th 200m Freestyle (1:50.24)

Swiss Short Course Championships, Uster (SUI)
1st 200m Freestyle (1:46.25), 1st 100m Freestyle (48.89), 2nd 50m Freestyle (22.63), 1st 400m Freestyle (3:47.44), 2nd 50m Fly (24.49)


LEN: European Championships, Budapest (HUN)
11th 200m Freestyle (1:49.91), 16th 100m Freestyle (50.32)


FINA: 11th World Championships, Montreal (CAN)
15th 200m Freestyle (1:49.97)

XXIII Universiade, Izmir (TUR)
6th 200m Freestyle (1:51.11), 27th 100m Freestyle (51.44)


XXVIII Olympic Games, Athens (GRE)
14th 200m Freestyle (1:50.02)

LEN: European Short Course Championships, Vienna (AUT)
7th 200m Freestyle (1:47.10), 14th 400m Freestyle (3:51.02)

Swiss Open / Swiss Junior Championships, Kriens (SUI)
1st 400m Freestyle (3:55.75)

Swiss Championships, Geneva (SUI)
1st 200m Freestyle (1:51.43), 1st 100m Freestyle (51.28)


FINA: 10th World Championships, Barcelona (ESP)
14th 200m Freestyle (1:50.59)

Swiss Championships, Zurich (SUI)
1st 200m Freestyle (1:51.65), 2nd 100m Freestyle (51.46)


LEN: European Championships, Berlin (GER)
24th 200m Freestyle (1:54.19)

LEN: European Junior Championships, Linz (AUT)
15th 200m Freestyle (1:54.54), 26th 100m Freestyle (53.36), 36th 400m Freestyle (4:14.09)


Medal Table

National medals (Individual) 25 6 - 31
European Short Course Championships - 1 - 1


Current National Record Holder

Long course (50m)

100m Freestyle 48.55 (Beijing CHN, 12 August 2008)
200m Freestyle 1:45.80 (Beijing CHN, 10 August 2008)
400m Freestyle 3:49.11 (Eindhoven NED, 7 April 2011)
100m Butterfly 53.54 (Shanghai CHN, 29 July 2011)

Short course (25m)

200m Freestyle 1:42.83 (Singapore SIN, 22 November 2009)
400m Freestyle 3:39.86 (Berlin GER, 14 November 2009)

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